Monday, January 11, 2010

What's in your desk?

I got to work this morning, first one here, bright and early, unlocked the doors, turned on all the lights, set all my gear down at my desk, opened my bottom drawer, and almost cried when I realized that I was out of tea. This has been my morning ritual for the last week (I know, I'm dedicated) and I was devastated that I couldn't continue it. Thankfully, I remembered that I had put a secret stash (or maybe not so secret..) in the kitchen.

This got me thinking about what else I keep in my desk that I just expect to be there. I have enough food to feed me for a week, you know, in case I get snowed in at work or something. I have Chewy granola bars, copious amounts of Chex Mix, pistachios, and saltines. I have a small store's worth of lotion because I am convinced the water in the bathroom dries my hands out, especially in the winter. I have a picture of me & my sister. That one's just because.

In terms of actual things I need for work, I have more pens than I could ever possibly write with. This is attributable to the fact that one of the pens we have has been dubbed the exploding pen. I'll let you figure out why. We make indestructible phones, but pens... now there is a challenge. I have post-its galore, but I could probably use another legal pad or two. Right now the one I have is also acting as a mouse pad. Makes taking notes kinda tough when I am also navigating the interwebs.

What do you keep at your desk? Anything that maybe you shouldn't?

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  1. Well, it's not a work desk, but in my personal desk I keep: varying amounts of alcohol in several sneaky containers, about 8 notebooks (each with differing amounts of scribbles. Why I can't just write all the way through one notebook before starting another, I'll never know), my beloved Amazon Kindle in which my library is stored, coffee mugs galore, cords of all sizes and shapes, multi vitamins that I never take (I should), too many calculators considering I'm a liberal arts major, lotions and lipsticks I never use and several pairs of sunglasses (including my favorite pink fake ray bans) haha. An interesting collection of meaningless things that fill up my shelves for pretty much no reason other than to fill them.