Wednesday, January 6, 2010

None of Your Beeswax

Some people would be surprised to find out that I am a HUGE supporter of waxing. I have waxed just about everywhere there is hair on my body - face, legs, underarms, etc. People wax for various reasons - some are freaked out by hair, others, like me, have sensitive skin and the thought of shaving (literally) makes my skin crawl.

I have tried several different places for waxing - a couple of nail salons, Spa Sydell, Lady Bee Waxing, and Brazilian Wax by Andreia. Let me just tell you - the last 2 are the way to go. I was beyond impressed with the salons, the aestheticians, the time it took, and most importantly, the method and type of wax! Both Lady Bee Wax & Brazilian Wax by Andreia use the "hard wax method" to remove whatever hair your little heart desires. This means that they apply a thick layer of hot wax, let the wax cool, and then pull the wax off by itself. This method, in my opinion, is 100 times better than the strip method, where wax is applied in a very thin layer and then a strip of cloth is applied and quickly ripped off. The "hard wax method" seems a much better option for my sensitive skin, and it makes the waxing job last a little bit longer.

I understand that neither of these may sound pleasant, and so many people have asked me, "Does it hurt?" Well, the answer is YES!!! It hurts! But, it hurts for a few minutes up to an hour or so, and the end result lasts much longer than shaving.

Which method of hair removal do you prefer? Have you waxed? Let me know what you think if you have tried it, or if you plan to!


  1. I don't often wax, but if I do I will definitely go to one of your suggestions and try the hard wax. Thanks!

  2. I found your blog from SG on LJ... I use to regularly get Brazilians but after a string of bad experiences stopped. I've never had it done with hard wax though. Does it lessen the after effects (redness, etc.)? Do you find it to be more expensive than hot wax?