Monday, June 16, 2008

This weekend was, as you can see, a TON of fun! We had a long weekend (2nd longest of the trip) so a bunch of people went out of town. Those of us who stayed ended up getting together a couple different nights and having a fabulous time! On Thursday night we went over to Gil for a delicious dinner and then went out for "a few" drinks. We went to Tony Roma's (but only because there was nothing!! else open ... at midnight ... on a Thursday... anyway) and had a few drinks, then went to this Irish pub which was really fun. It definitely reminded me of the old Fado's, for sure. Then we kind of hopped around but had a really fun time. I ended up out until 6am and closed down no less than 2 bars. All in all a fun night! Friday we were supposed to go to the beach but Erika got up late and I got up late and we just said forget it, we'll go another day. Friday night we went out to dinner near La Plaza de la Virgen, which is a 5 minute walk from our house. Delish.

Saturday night Spain & Greece both had soccer games, so I headed over to a bar near the soccer stadium to watch the game with some people. Spain won, and we headed back to the Irish pub to watch the Greece game. Greece lost, and after it was over I was STARVING so four of us went to find whatever food we could and left Rich & Kellan to fend for themselves at the pub. I ate quite possibly the best alfredo I have ever had. YUM. Then we went back to the pub and hung out with a British stag party (bachelor party...). That's what the picture at the top is from. They were dressed in the most ridiculous '70s outfits I have ever seen. Anyway, we went back to most of the same places we went on Thursday night, only this time there were even MORE girls with us, so we got to go everywhere for free and my bartender friend Carla hooked us up with shots, drinks, etc. All in all, I think everyone had a GREAT night! Sunday I spent most of the day in my bed doing some reading and catching up on schoolwork. My blog group met to discuss our group blog. Hopefully I can work on some of that tonight, we don't have class tomorrow or Wednesday so I am going to try to be really productive!

The girls at Coco Loco with our free bar panties... so ridiculous!
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