Monday, June 9, 2008


This is Peony. We love her A LOT in our apartment. However, our love was not so strong on Friday night, or should I say Saturday morning? As I previously posted, we had a GREAT time going out for Heather's birthday. Peony decided when she came home at 4am that she was hungry for noodles, so she put some noodles in a pan with a drop of water in order to cook them. Peony also decided she was a little sleepy, after all it was 4am. So, being the wise little Asian that she is, Peony decided it was best if she just went to sleep. However, what Peony forgot about in her infinite wisdom was.... HER NOODLES!!!!

Thank god Emily came home when she did, because the noodle pan and stove were in flames, which Emily thoughtfully put out with a towel, and then she placed the burnt pan outside the window in the kitchen so it wouldn't stink up the house.

We still love Peony, but she may be forbidden from cooking noodles ever again!!!
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