Thursday, February 16, 2012

Amazon Prime > Everything

I can't tell if I'm tardy to the party (as per usual) or if I'm really ahead of the curve on this one, but you guys really need to check out Amazon Prime's subscriptions.

When I bought my Kindle FIYA I also bought an Amazon Prime membership. Although I have a hard time watching all the shows on my DVR, surely I will stream live videos wherever there is free Wi-Fi. Surely.

Now while I have yet to use Amazon Prime for what I bought it for, it has come in disgustingly handy for...other things. Like subscriptions.

For a 15% discount, I have 5lbs of sour patch kids delivered to me once every 2 months.

And my mascara gets delivered once every 6 months.

And I'll never need to walk into Target again because everything I need from there I can just order via Amazon. Like the round brush I bought while I was trying to fall asleep the other night.

While this might sound like I'm spending frivolously, I'm really doing myself a favor. The less places I have to go to shop, the less money I spend. I can't go look at shoes (and unfortunately there is no Amazon Prime subscription for shoes, I checked), I can't pick up random bathing suits in February, I can't buy $39 books that I don't need...nope, I ended up buying only what I "needed" - a boar bristle round brush. BRILLIANT I TELL YOU.

So go, little friends, and subscribe. You will not regret it.

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  1. You know, I've thought and thought about Amazon Prime, but whenever I buy anything from there I spend over $25 and get free shipping anyway...and it rarely takes more than a few days to receive whatever I order. Though the thought of never going into a Target again DOES appeal...haha