Saturday, January 28, 2012


I've been really inspired by my friend j.

j. & I don't actually know each other, but we've been 'friends' for quite some time now via blogs. And now she's been an inspiration. See, j. was a runner. Well, still is. But she got hurt, so she had to find other things that she liked to do that would help her stay in shape. And so she discovered bicycling, rock climbing, and Core Fusion. And she's slowly but surely kicking all of their butts.

So when I drove by a rock climbing gym tonight, I thought, "I want to be more like j." Tennis once a week just isn't cutting it for me, even if I did 1-2 nights of hot yoga also. So I came home, and on my thrilling Saturday night I signed up for a singles tennis league.

I've steered clear of singles since I picked tennis up again almost a year ago lest for 1 match when no one else could play. But I'm ready, and it's a really awesome workout to play singles! So now I'm going from 1 match a week to 3 matches a week but it will be fine. I have plenty of free time (HA!) - even if it means taking it easy on a Friday or Saturday night (or both as evidenced by this weekend), it's important to me.

Now, who wants to come and watch me play? I might need a photographer in the near future, seeing as how I have zero pictures of myself playing tennis, so if I keep playing I'm going to keep talking about it and you won't have any pictures to look at - just a page full of words. BORING.

PS - thanks j. love you!

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  1. this made me tear up a little bit - it is so beyond sweet. it makes me so happy that i could (unknowingly) inspire you to take a chance and go outside of your comfort zone. i may have been the inspiration, but the rest is all on you and i'm proud of you for putting yourself out there!