Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday, My Old Friend

Were you wondering if I forgot I had a blog?

Oh right, you know me better than that. You probably assumed I had nothing to say.

I know, I know, let's be real, when is the last time that happened?

I can hear my mom from 600+ miles away shouting, "You haven't shut up since the day you started talking!"

Pipe down, mom. Some people don't know me the way you do, and I've got to keep the facade!

But just in case you were wondering where I've been, here's, quite literally, a snapshot view of what I've been doing.

I've been at weddings,

(where my best friend caught the bouquet)

visiting friends in Washington DC,

(where it was a whole hell of a lot warmer than in this picture)

floating down questionably contaminated rivers,

reading books,

(I might have liked it better from the mom's point of view),


(this is Sugar's internet debut)

perpetuating my leopard print obsession,

and basically pretending to be footloose and fancy free.

The thing is, I'm still busy. But if you noticed, that list was not consumed with things that require me to leave my house, or things that even require me to get out of my pajamas. This is a win-win for everyone, because if I had to do things that required me to leave my pajamas, it would be really awkward when I showed up in XXXL sweatpants and a "Rush Pike 2001" tshirt. Just sayin'.

What have you been doing?

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