Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Right now...

Eating / lots of Mexican food. and ham and cheese sandwiches. yum. 
Drinking / copious H2O from my masters tumbler. too many beers last night. 
Practicing / patience. a lot of patience. patience with others, patience with myself. 
Mastering / the art of email. 
Learning / about finance and strategy. NPV, annuities, perpetuities. no thanks. 
Trying / to stay sane. school + crazy work hours + spontaneous friends in town + accidental happy hours are becoming unmanageable!
Playing / with the idea of a career change (!!!)
Finishing / an assignment for school, hopefully. i may or may not have promised it by 9pm tonight. 
Reading / for my strategy class. b-o-r-i-n-g. i can't wait for august so i can read more trashy romance novels. 
Remembering / how valuable friendships can be, even when they are long distance, rarely time for talking type friendship. being able to pick up where you left off and have it be even better than before is truly a gift. 
Wearing / business clothes but every day i wish i could wear yoga pants. i even brought yoga pants to change into after work and before class because i just can't with business casual.
Cooking / nothing. seriously, no time. but if i had time, tacos. lots of tacos. 
Working / on balance. fewer snickers bars, more tennis. fewer complaints, more appreciation. fewer plans, more spontaneity. 
Traveling / to punta cana, minneapolis, dallas, houston, miami, san fran, phoenix, and iceland 2.0, all in the next 6 months. someone buy me an airplane and let me live on it and see the world. 
Wanting / to fall in love. still, always. MJ wasn't right for me so that's over, and i am still sad and lonely and convinced i'll be a cat lady forever, although currently sans cats. 

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