Monday, November 11, 2013

Theater tickets!

Early this fall, Mandy and I were strolling through one of the many art festivals in Piedmont Park when we stumbled across the Broadway in Atlanta tent. Only a few minutes later, we were Fox Theater season ticket holders!  Then we proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon perusing the artist's fares and soaking up the end of summer. It was a brilliant day that I continue to reap the benefits of!
We've attended 1 of the 6 shows and so far, so good! I am really, really excited for Book of Mormon, but I'm also really excited about getting out and doing things that I enjoy! It's such a special Thursday night treat, the tickets weren't outrageously priced, and it would make the perfect date night. I have to admit though, it's doesn't make for a bad girls night either!
What have you done lately for yourself that you are excited about?

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