Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Well played, Google +Plus

It was the perfect fall weekend. I'm trying really hard to be better about writing, documenting, sharing, but it's a challenge. Just know I miss all you imaginary people that I really know IRL (in real life, duh), I miss baring my soul to you and obsessing over how much I suck at running and discussing intimate details of my still non-existent love life. I feel it in my bones, the feeling is mutual. And don't worry - the documentation is still being captured for the world to see on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc, etc, etc.
But I am here to tell you about the newest, coolest thing Google +Plus has done. Or really, the only cool thing it's done that I know of.  

I might have had a (lot of) mini photo shoot this weekend with some of my favorite people. The pictures by themselves were adorable and hilarious, the pictures in sequence on my camera were amazing, but the best part was when I uploaded them to Google. Somehow they documented my relationship with WVP (beautiful man in blue, pictured below) better than I ever possibly could have myself.

So we start out with a series of 6 photos (I think the minimum is 5), and the below 'clip' is what it gave back to me, automatically, with no prompting on my part, after I upload to my photos:
Love this. Love the pictures, love the video, love our smiles, love how happy we are. This little sequence captures the essence of us. I had one of the best weekends in recent memory and I really have this guy to thank, and now Google just put the frickin' cherry on top.
I'm on to their game though, they're trying to get me to forgive them for doing away with my Google Reader. Nice try, but you'll have to do better than a measly picture video to win me back completely!

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