Thursday, November 3, 2011

There's nothing like...

1. Traveling via airplane with me. Ask Rachel. Or anyone who knows me, really.
2. Getting an unexpected compliment.
3. Turning on the tv and finding it's just before the best part in a good movie.
4. Running into an old friend in an unexpected place and spending a lot more time than you thought you would catching up.
5. Falling asleep on your couch while watching Saturday afternoon football.
6. Waking up on Sunday morning without an alarm.
7. Hugging your best friend/mom/dog/pillow after being gone for a while. Even if a while is only 8 hours.
8. A text from a friend telling you that your ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend totally sucks. Even if you've way moved on and could really care less, hearing that doesn't get old.
9. Having a really crappy day turn out kind-of-sort-of-might-be-somewhat ok. So what if it's 4 months later?
10. Losing the first set in a tennis match terribly, only to come back and kick butt in the next 2.
11. Coming home to find that your roommate has done your least favorite chore.
12. Forgetting about an awesome show on your DVR for a few weeks.
12a. Spending a rainy Sunday catching up on said tv show.
What would you add to this list?

1 comment:

  1. I came home today to a sparkling house thanks to my roommate. So delightful. And then I cooked her dinner. :)