Thursday, May 15, 2008

hola, espana!

I am leaving for Spain on Saturday. So far I have packed 2 regular sized suitcases and a backpack, but I have more stuff. "More stuff" includes a new straightener, a few miscellaneous clothing items that are just finishing up being washed, all my cords (chargers, computer connectors, etc.), and whatever is packed into my suitcases that makes them weigh more than 50 lbs.

Between me & Spain are getting paid, the wine tasting tonight, picking up papers at the library, actually getting the straightener I want to pack, going to Country Fair, and then nothing else. That's a lot of stuff in the next 48 hours.

I am getting very excited - hopefully Erika will get there and send me an email or call me to tell me how to do everything and how much it costs to take a taxi from the airport and that kind of stuff. I set up a Skype account today so I can talk to my mom and my dad and my Greg. I went to the GT library last night to print all my papers, only to find out this morning that I will be able to bring my computer to class and therefore printing all my papers was pretty unnecessary. OH WELL.

I'm bringing Ramen noodles, JIF crunchy peanut butter, and peanut butter chocolate chip Chewy bars. Hopefully that will be enough American food to hold me over for the six weeks I am gone.

I think I may have wrapped the presents I was supposed to wrap completely wrong. There was no grown-up wrapping paper, but the presents were clearly being distributed to various grown-ups. I chose the most gender neutral, adult paper I could find. I wrapped one set of presents in yellow paper with neon stars on it, and the other set in blue paper with neon stars on it. I hope they're going to Grace & Wyatt's teachers or something and are not being given to people as wedding gifts or something fancy. Oh well if they are, I guess.

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